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Shoot, Crew & Craft Catering Services In UK

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UK Film & TV Production Catering

  • Having catered on over 300 film and TV shoots, I know first-hand the fuel these productions need.
  • Whether it’s cold sandwiches at 5am or hot stew at midnight, crews work long hours and rely on quality catering.
  • Menu planning is key – consult with the production early about dietary needs, crew sizes, and the general vibe they want. My first ever shoot had a strict vegan lead actor; we liaised closely with the producer to nail the menu.
  • Be prepared to cater in some unusual places! On the BBC drama shot in UK last year, we served brunch in an old asylum. The crew loved our vegetarian fry-ups.

On-Set and Location Catering In UK

  • Location catering brings its own challenges. I’ve provided food on cliffsides, beaches, farms – even underwater on a TV commercial!
  • The key is being self-sufficient with power and water while maintaining food safety and quality. My customised catering van has everything I need to serve fresh food anywhere.
  • Whether a controlled set or open public location, caterers need to work closely with the production manager to identify the best positioning; both for crew access and safety.
  • At one high-profile shoot in UK, we had crowd control barriers around our catering tent. The public were fascinated by the filming and our lasagne!

Unit, Remote & Travel Catering

  • When production moves locations, catering moves too. I’ve crossed the UK fuelling film units from Land’s End to John O’Groats!
  • Key considerations are transport logistics and being self-sufficient on the road. My custom catering coach has everything from cooking facilities to fold-out tables so I can serve quality meals anywhere.
  • Health and safety is critical when providing remote catering. I work closely with location managers on risk assessments. While shooting wilderness scenes on that Netflix film in the Peak District last year, I had medics on standby in case of any issues.

Craft Services for Cast & Crew In UK

  • Whether it’s freshly baked cookies at 3pm or sweet popcorn in the evening, craft services keeps energy levels up with constant snacks and drinks.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of craft services to bring crews together. On that shoot in UK I put out cake and balloons when they wrapped principle photography. The upbeat festivities really lifted team morale.
  • Make sure you have the facilities and resources to continually restock craft services. At my mobile catering HQ I have fridges, ovens, coffee machines and more to churn out hot and cold treats all day long.
  • And don’t forget the vegan brownies! Craft services needs to cater for all dietary requirements.

Here are the next two sections providing expert advice on bespoke video shoot catering and catering consultation services:

Bespoke Catering For Video Shoots

  • Corporate video shoots have their own catering needs. I’ve provided food for countless promos, adverts, YouTube videos and more.
  • The key is understanding the production schedule to have the right food at the right time. I once had a client reshooting all day for a product demo video – my continual grazing tables kept them fuelled without ever having sit-down meal breaks.
  • Budget also drives bespoke catering plans. For low-cost social media content, I put together quality cold buffets. But a luxury car brand shoot needing premium hospitality got fine dining chef-prepared meals. There are catering solutions for all video productions.
  • And don’t forget the client! At a video shoot for a major supermarket in UK, I liaised with marketing heads about showcasing some of their newest product lines in the food. It was a nice way to highlight their brand.

Catering Consultation In UK

  • Don’t know where to start with your production’s catering needs? I offer professional consultation services.
  • We’ll talk through your crew sizes, locations, schedules, dietary needs and vision to create a custom catering plan. I’ll coordinate everything from menus to equipment, liaising with all key stakeholders.
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  • For long-running UK TV dramas, I’ve provided ongoing catering management. From prepping kitchen facilities on set to placing regular food orders, I become integrated part of the production team.
  • My consultation services make catering one less thing to worry about. I’ll take care of it all so you can focus on bringing creative visions to life!

Sample Menus and Dietary Requirements

  • When it comes to catering, dietary needs are front of mind. I create sample menus aligned to common diet types – or can produce completely custom options.
  • Standard sample plans include:
  • Vegetarian – dishes like halloumi kebabs with quinoa salad
  • Vegan – sandwiches with plant-based ‘no chicken’ fillings
  • Gluten-free – fried rice bowls with tamari sauce
  • Bespoke samples for other requirements:
  • Keto meals – frittata stacks
  • Nut allergies – Thai green curry with coconut milk
  • Kosher catering – salt beef bagels
  • The producer on an action film in UK last spring was coeliac. I provided gluten-free versions of all crew meals like shepherd’s pie and lasagne.
  • Dietary needs met with delicious, nutritious food!